Vader Combo: One Does the Job of Two

June 16, 2023

Brass Knuckle®’s goggle and face shield in one is superior protection when workers’ faces head straight to the dark side

CLEVELAND—Typically, when workers wear a face shield, they still have safety glasses on underneath. That’s because most face shields have gaps on the bottom and sides that can let the nasty in. But Vader Combo is a different sort of face protection. It’s a face shield with the safety goggles built-in. It’s one wearable piece of PPE that does the job of two.

Vader combo

Whether it’s foul, nasty, or painful debris, sparks, or liquid sprayback, when the situation hits the fan, workers can reach for Vader Combo. It covers the whole face, protects the neck, and puts yuck in its place. When you’re leading with your face straight into the dark side, it’s the protection workers need.

Vader Combo has industry-leading BK-Anti-Fog (protection that lasts 15 times longer than EN 166/168) for the best visibility available. Its integrated face shield offers 180-degree peripheral vision and face coverage. Ultra-soft, conditioned rubber forms a splash barrier. Because the face shield isn’t attached to a hard hat, it provides unprecedented mobility and visibility — the shield goes wherever the wearer’s head goes.

The ANSI-rated, military-style splash goggle also includes a durable anti-scratch treatment and is D3 rated for droplet and splash protection. The built-in venting system helps reduce the potential for moisture buildup, helping to maintain clear vision.

If a job exposes workers to any kind of wetness or debris being thrown into their faces, the Vader Combo brings the necessary protection. To muck, splash, debris, and fog, Vader Combo says, “Who’s your daddy?” That’s a force to be reckoned with.

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