Brass Knuckle Releases New Catalog

March 23, 2022

Info-packed publication makes product specifying easier

CLEVELAND—An new catalog is on its way from Brass Knuckle, the first name in safety wear. The new catalog is a bonanza of eye, hand, and ergonomic protection, showcasing gear that stands up to the biggest challenges while maintaining ultimate wearability and style.

Brass Knuckle has made its bones by bringing a dash of style to PPE, figuring you can be well-protected and still look great. The new catalog offers page after page of eye-catching color, smart lines, and robust protection.


Of course, no one should buy safety products based on style alone. Brass Knuckle has the brass to help users look past the “clothing” aspect of products to appreciate the unique safety features of each. Brass Knuckle hand, eye, and ergo protection are hard-working tools that can help save a finger, increase productivity, reduce replacement costs, and more.

The new catalog is packed with information about each product to make it easier to specify the right one for the task. Everything is covered, from the coatings and base fiber blends of gloves to lens coatings, gaskets, and comfort features of eyewear, and beyond.

Check out what’s new in the Brass Knuckle line, including the wave-making Vader Combo with its superior goggles and integral face shield that moves with the face, not a helmet! Also, a new lineup of great-looking BK-Anti-Fog glasses that feature the strictest anti-fog protection in the world, but still look sleek and fashionable.

Consider the brochure a self-guided tour of how to choose proper protection. Brass Knuckle also offers a guided tour, as all sales reps at Brass Knuckle are safety specialists with the Qualified Safety Sales Professional (QSSP) designation from the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) who can help users navigate application-specific choices.

Brass Knuckle means never having to compromise. Superior protection, on-point ergonomics, classic comfort, and sporty styling are baked into every product.

The new catalog is also available electronically so Brass Knuckle is on-the-go and always available.