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Cut-resistant gloves aren’t armor. They need to protect the hands of real people doing real work. Cut-resistant gloves must be flexible, offer a sure grip for handling dry, wet, or oily parts and surfaces, and provide the proper level of cut protection without bulk.

Brass Knuckle® SmartCut™ are constructed with a cut-resistant shell (base fabric), a protective coating, and a finish texture for better grip. And every glove is rated with a cut-resistance level to help you choose.

Not sure what to choose? We’ll help you sort out the right combination for your application.


CR Level 2 Shell, Polyurethane Coating Light-duty cut protection balanced against extreme dexterity for tasks calling for very fine motor skills and tactile sensitivity. Feel your way through dry applications with reliable abrasion protection, a great flat-coat grip, and basic ANSI Cut 2 protection.

 SMARTCUT BKCR2403 Standard

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HPPE CR Level 2 Shell, Polyurethane Coating We designed the 303 to provide enhanced flexibility and deliver the right balance of mechanical protection, performance, and comfort for medium-duty jobs.

 SMARTCUT BKCR303 Standard

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CR Level 3 Shell, Foam Nitrile Coating, Reinforced Thumb Crotch Choose BKCR3520 for Cut Level 3 applications requiring a higher level of tactile sensitivity. The glove’s extreme flexibility is derived from its thinner, 15-gauge composite shell. This flexibility is paired with an abrasion-resistant nitrile coat and a reinforced thumb crotch.

 SMARTCUT BKCR3520 Standard

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HDPE CR Level 4 Shell, Polyurethane Coating Excellent for handling metals, the polyurethane coating provides slip resistance even when exposed to light oils and is proven* not to mar product surfaces. Brass Knuckle BKCR404 gloves are available in fi ve sizes and have color-coded wrists to simplify sizing and re-issuing.

*PPG-approved for glass-handling applications.

 SMARTCUT BKCR404 Standard

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HDPE CR Level 4 Shell, Latex Coating An excellent material-handling glove, the BKCR4300 with latex coating is ideal when processing and handling glass, steel, and plastics. They are available in five sizes and have color-coded wrists to simplify sizing and re-issuing.

 SMARTCUT BKCR4300 Standard

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HDPE CR Level 4 Shell, WBPU Coating, Nitrile Overcoat Excellent for metal work, automotive, and stamping or for work in the oil and gas industries. This double-coated protection combines slip resistance* and permeation protection with high cut resistance in a surprisingly dextrous glove. Color-coded wrists simplify sizing and re-issuing.

 SMARTCUT BKCR4420 Standard

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