Light-duty, Cut Resistance Level A2, cut protection is balanced with extreme dexterity for tasks calling for very fine motor skills and tactile sensitivity. The composite yarn includes a blend of high-strength filament fibers for unbeatable cut resistance upwound with nylon and spandex to create push-the-button, set-the-gauge, or pick-up-the-nail dexterity. A black polyurethane palm coating is applied for reliable abrasion protection and enhanced grip.

About the glove

The thinner yarn composition allows for smaller and more stitches per inch. The number of stitches per inch is known as the gauge, and this 18-gauge glove is more flexible, lightweight, and comfortable than other cut-resistant options. The flat polyurethane palm coating provides nimble handling ability on dry surfaces. When your focus is on long-wearing grip, dexterity, and flexibility but you still need cut and abrasion resistance, the BKCR2403 delivers.


  • Polyurethane coating on full fingers and palm — optimal choice for dexterity. Offers reliable abrasion resistance; however, poly is primarily specified for dexterity and enhanced flexibility.
  • Flat coating for excellent dry grip applications, improving slip resistance.
  • The 18-gauge HPPE (high performance polyethylene) and glass-fiber shell is lightweight and provides ANSI cut level A2 protection. Yarn configuration includes nylon and spandex, maximizing second-skin fit and feel.
  • Color coding simplifies re-issuing and spot checking for compliance. Cut level A2 gloves clearly represented on back of glove. Color-coded cuffs indicate glove size.
  • A full knit wrist — seamless and stretchable — provides a snug fit and prevents dirt, debris, and cold from getting inside glove.

Polyester Shell, Full Foam Latex Coating Our SmartFlex BK350 provides allover protection from liquid penetration while your hand gets cozy in our soft polyester seamless knit liner. Soft and seamless means longwearing comfort and nothing to rub or chafe.

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