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We designed the BK499 to be a little different. This is a unique glove with a superior fit, excellent dextrous qualities, and an impact-absorbing design unlike any other glove. BK499 has colorcoded wrists to simplify sizing and re-issuing. 


About the glove 

Great flexibility, high abrasion resistance, excellent gripability, and a cushion against occasional nuisance dings that can affect productivity — this glove packs a lot into a sleek design. 

The BK499 has super gripping power because of its basic construction: a highly flexible, 13-gauge nylon knit material. This is a pick-up-anything work glove at its core. A flat nitrile coating applied to the full palm and finger areas provides critical barrier protection while also delivering excellent slip and abrasion resistance, even in wet and oily conditions. Finally, its impact-resistant layer comprises hundreds of raised PVC nibs to form a spring-like barrier that dissipates trauma. The porcupine-like exterior defines the look of this glove, giving warning to impact hazards — not on this glove’s watch. 

Stylish black-on-black, this is a tough-looking glove with a complianceinducing fit. All this and still a best-in-class value. 


  • Flat nitrile coating on full fingers and palm. A great choice for dry, wet, and light oil applications, nitrile-coated gloves provide excellent resistance to tears, snags, abrasions, oils, and fuels. 
  • Flat nitrile helps repel moisture and is a better choice than foam nitrile when the need for increased manual dexterity trumps handling wet materials. 
  • The 13-gauge nylon knit shell fits snugly and ensures excellent dexterity. 
  • PVC nibs on the back of the glove dissipate impact, providing a spring-like, cushioned protection from contusions, smash injuries, and object strikes. 
  • The full knit wrist — seamless and stretchable — provides a snug fit and prevents dirt, debris, and cold from getting inside glove. 

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Tear In

SMARTSHELL BK499 Brochure (pdf)

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