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With BK199, get twice the functionality from a single pair of gloves. This unique, flip-sided hand protection features raised blue latex dots on one side for a sure grip—and bone-shaped latex foam pads on the other side for back-of-the-hand impact protection. Or is it the other way around?

About the glove

Wear the dots on the palm side for excellent anti-slip benefits without the “sweaty palm” feeling that a full palm and finger coating can cause. Or flip the protection by putting the gloves on the opposite hands, and the specially configured “bones” turn into a padded grip that still allows plenty of flexibility. With its reversible design, BK199 is ideal for warehouse work, construction, and more. And its lightweight, 7-gauge polyester/cotton shell offers breathability, flexibility, and comfort for all-day wear.

Does this mean that being two-faced is a good thing? You tell us.


  • The lightweight, polyester/cotton shell provides extreme flexibility with a snug, comfortable fit. 
  • When worn facing in, blue latex dots across palm and fingers offer flexibility and strong grip, without the heat caused by a full palm coating. 
  • Impact-resistant, foam latex “bones” provide moderate impact protection bumps for back of the hand when worn on the outside, grip and cushioning when worn on the inside. 
  • Ambidextrous—wear with the dots on the inside and impact protection bones on the outside—or reverse the wear for opposite features. 
  • Stretchy wrist provides custom fit that comfortably keeps debris out. 

Brass Knuckle SmartShell™ BK199

Two-sided protection to double glove functionality. One side provides small latex bumps for palm and finger grip, while the opposite side’s impact-resistant “bones” offer impact protection on the outside, and padded great-grip bumps on the inside.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Tear In

SMARTSHELL BK199 Brochure (pdf)

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