Clean Hand Nitrile

Clean Hand® nitrile single-use gloves, available in 3.5-mil thickness, provide enhanced dexterity and sense of touch when compared to latex and vinyl. Nitrile is a synthetic polymer that shares many of the same characteristics of natural rubber latex; however, the biggest advantage is that nitrile gloves are free of any latex proteins, a common allergen.

In addition, nitrile is three times more puncture resistant than latex of the same thickness, providing a more reliable barrier for employees working in a wide range of applications.

About the glove

Nitrile offers superior resistance to wide range of chemicals. The gloves conform well, with excellent elasticity that results in a latex-like fit and feel. Nitrile’s barrier properties make it the ideal choice for janitorial and sanitation safety. It is also popular with first responders.


  • Latex free
  • 3x more puncture resistant than latex
  • High level of tactile sensitivity
  • Fits snugly to ensure excellent dexterity
  • Black 3.5- 4-mil thickness

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Tear In

Clean Hand Nitrile Brochure (pdf)

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