The BKKN200 is for heavy-duty, all-day protection. With a hard, contoured polyethylene cap, this all-black knee pad conforms to the shape of the knee cap to enhance the patella’s stability and reduce risks of impact and injury. This is high-level protection for tough jobs. 

  • Rounded, abrasion-resistant cap allows for safer pivoting and heavy-duty work on the knees. 
  • Foam padding throughout to maximize wearer comfort. 
  • One size with an adjustable strap to keep the pad where it should be.

Part Number Description  Pack Sz  Color
BKKN200   Cushioned Foam, Rounded Cap Knee Pad 



Roll Up Your Sleeves and Tear In

BKKN200 Brochure (pdf)

Brass Knuckle Hand Protection Catalog (pdf)

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