The lightweight material equals enhanced flexibility and dexterity. The BK401 is black nylon with gray coating — conceals dirt and grime. Whether for automotive, light construction, warehouse applications, or general assembly, this glove offers workers protection from bothersome nicks and abrasions while offering comfort and tactile sensitivity. 


About the glove

Each glove in the series is carefully constructed — designed for fit, but also very cost-competitive. The lightweight, 13-gauge nylon shell provides dexterity and grip and is more lint-free than polyester. A polyurethane — grippy but not sticky — flat coating on the palm and fingers makes the 400 series excellent for dry-grip applications.

  • The BK401 is black nylon with gray coating — conceals dirt and grime. 
  • Our BK402 is white-on-white, making it easy to identify foreign particles on the glove — ideal for inspectors and quality control. 
  • BK403 is black nylon with a black coating, a tough-looking concealer for grimy projects. 


  • Polyurethane coating on full fingers and palm. Ideal choice for dry and light oil applications. Delivers excellent grip, even against oils, fats, and greases. 
  • Polyurethane coatings improve tactile sensitivity relative to other coatings. 
  • Smooth grip enhances abrasion resistance. 
  • The 13-gauge nylon shell material fits snugly and ensures excellent dexterity. 
  • Uncoated back and wrist help improve ventilation. 
  • A full knit wrist — seamless and stretchable — provides a snug fit and prevents dirt, debris, and cold from getting inside glove. 

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Tear In

SMARTFLEX BK401 Brochure (pdf)

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