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Prescription safety eyewear can be a costly for employers. That’s why over-the-glasses protection is a great option. Your team gets the industrial eye protection the job requires while still allowing them to wear their proper corrective lenses. Yet many OTG spectacles are big and sometimes bulky. OTG Smalls are a comfortable, smaller-sized solution. For use with small- to standard-sized eye protection and all bifocals, OTG Smalls delivers ample coverage with a comfortable fit. 

Certifications and characteristics 

Excellent anti-fog protection plus abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance. Meets demanding industry test requirements (ANSI Z78.1+, EN166K, EN166N, EN166UV). 

This eyewear features our proprietary Brass Knuckle N-FOG™ anti-fog coating. Eyewear featuring N-FOG is tested under the most stringent anti-fog standard in the world, the European EN 166/168 standard and EXCEEDS the standard. N-FOG’s anti-fog properties last 15X longer than the minimum set forth by the standard. Does your application need more? Consider our N-FOG PLUS.  

Clear lens allows maximum light transmission without changing or distorting vision or colors (91% of light passes through). 

Smoke lens provides allover tint for normal outdoor conditions (18% of light passes through).  

About OTG Smalls

A compact and lightweight alternative to big or bulky OTG eyewear with many customizable comfort features. 


  • One-piece polycarbonate lens in clear or smoke fits over small- to standard-sized prescription glasses 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Adjustable length temples for a customized fit 
  • Ratchet temples minimize pinching behind the ears 
  • Molded nosepiece 
  • ANSI-rated hardcoated polycarbonate lenses 
  • Brass Knuckle N-FOG™ anti-fog protection exceeds European EN 166/168 — lasts 15 times longer!   

Part Number Lens/Frame

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Tear In

BKOTG-9010N Brochure (pdf)

Brass Knuckle Eye Protection Catalog (pdf)