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Cut Resistance Level 4 offers protection against punctures and abrasions in a sturdy, flexible, and comfortable glove. Double-dip nitrile coating provides excellent protection from liquid exposure while also retaining hard-working grip. Ideal when working with light liquids and oils.

About the glove

Unique protection against liquids, cuts and abrasion, the Brass Knuckle® CR4422 (3/4 coat) and CR4423 (full coat) industrial work gloves offer a powerful one-two
punch. Each glove features a liquid-proof nitrile undercoat for oil protection and a foam nitrile top coat for excellent grip in wet and oily applications. The BKCR4422 model offers a more breathable, uncoated back of the hand. A fl exible glove that
offers great dexterity and good resistance to tearing, either version provides highlevel cut resistance, offering ANSI cut resistance level 4 protection. 

This double dipper is the choice for protecting the hands from oils, hydrocarbons, and grease. The high-performance, long-lasting foam grip ensures increased resistance to abrasion, increasing glove wear life.


  • Protective black foam nitrile coating covers full-finger and palm areas. Foam coating creates micropores that channel liquids away from the surface and, compared to smooth coatings, improves slip resistance. 
  • The nitrile base coating is the ideal choice for dry, wet, and oil applications. The coating provides excellent resistance to tears, snags, abrasions, oils, and fuels. Choose full back coat or 3/4 coating based on application and exposure.  
  • Color codes simplify re-issuing and spot checking compliance. SmartCut™ CR Level 4 gloves feature an orange Brass Knuckle logo. Color coded cuffs indicate glove size. 
  • HDPE knit is a high-performance fi ber, providing ANSI cut level 4 protection — without bulk. Strength-to-weight ratio in a range that’s 8 to 15 times higher than steel. 
  • The knit wrist — seamless and stretchable — provides a snug fi t and prevents dirt, debris, and cold from getting inside glove. 

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